Diamond Core Bits

We offer an excellent assortment of Diamond Core Bits for drilling and exploration industries. Our high quality range of diamond bits are commonly used throughout the drilling industry to perform geotechnical, gas drainage, gas content coring, material sample coring and mineral exploration.

Our range includes the following diamond core bits :

  • Impregnated Diamond Core Bits : Our premium line of Impregnated Bits are made from superior quality diamonds. These bits provide exceptional penetration rates as well as extended service life. Our range of high quality bits offer faster drilling and perform in all drilling conditions.
  • Surface Set Diamond Core Bits : Our platinum range of surface set bits are made from highest quality diamonds and are mostly used in drilling relatively soft, abrasive and unconsolidated formations. These bits are designed to provide the most efficient cutting of the formation being drilled.

Diamond Core Bits are available in all standard sizes and rock formations.