Tricone Bits

Our platinum range of tricone bits include tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bits and steel tooth/ rock roller bits for the toughest drilling applications. Also known as roller cone bits, these bits provide reliable performance in a wide range of drilling environments. Our line of Tricone bits are regarded as the ultimate blasthole bit solution, designed specifically for each application.

TCI Tricone Bits : We offer premium range of tungsten carbide insert bits which are developed for maximizing performance in all ground formations. Our bits lower the cost-per-foot with improved bit reliability. You can consistently drill longer runs at maximum penetration rates in rotary applications.

Tricone Rock Roller Bits : Our high quality line of Tricone Rock Roller Bits are dependable and low-priced solution. Also referred as steel tooth bits, these bits are durable, ensure dependable performance and deliver a quality borehole.

Tricone Bits are available in all sizes and rock formations